Michael Paul Hedgecock

Michael has been in the construction industry since the day he was born. Since High School Summers he has been learning the skills and procedures in roofing and construction. Summers with his father in High School taught Michael valuable traits. Being reliable, honest, passionate and end each day with knowing you did your best. Michael was raised to always do the job like you would do the job on his own home. Passionate about many things in life Michael is always about personal growth. Every morning he wakes at 5am to read his books. From Zig Ziglar to Napoleon Hill he strives to learn to be the best man he can. A positive mind and strong mentality is what Michael carries daily with him.


Michael is also a business owner of a few other companies. He enjoys sewing in his off time. He owns a small clothing line, Champagne Champions. Champagne Champions is a life style brand based around positive messages and ways of living. In his spare time he talks to inner city teens on growth development and coaches them to become successful. He simply believes you surround yourself with champions with a positive mind. Off time to Michael is slim to none. In his off time he enjoys building legos with his little lady and teach her values in life. Michael enjoys time with his girls going to movies and trying new places to eat. 


You won't be surprised seeing Michael in Wine Country. With a strong passion for wine, Michael and his father share the great tastes of wine together often. He also loves a good quality whiskey or cold sweet cider. Ballard Farmers Market is where he loves to spend a Sunday with his girls picking fresh produce.


Love life and grow daily.